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title. swingy

date. 2017

manufacture. itoki corporation

size. low w540 d435 h450 sh420 450

       middle w540 d435 h575 sh575-605

       high w575 d515 h13 sh775-805


an  active working stool with unique swing's the body can be keeping a balance and concentrate on one's own works.

“Swingy” is a stool in a function and form between a balance and a rocking chair. Its unique movements benefit your health. 

Hironori Tsukue aims to relieve the stress our bodies are put into while sitting, with conventional chairs forcing muscles to be fixed into one position for a long time. When using “Swingy”, the gentle movement of our body makes us relax and activates our brain. Tsukue believes we should train our muscles not only through hard training activities but also in an everyday, soft and casual way. 

Inspired by balance balls, where sitting on an unstable surface force you to find your own position through constant little movements, Swingy adapts the concept to everyday furniture by fixing movement to left and right, making usage as a chair easy and comfortable. Swingy lets you concentrate on your own work while giving your body the chance to keep your own balance. 


contact: hiro(at)

©Hironori Tsukue

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