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title. rock7

date. 2007

size. mural painting 700m x 500m


rocking sleigh for 7 chair.

For several years, I have been an owner and user of the "seven chair” by Arne Jacobsen / Fritz Hansen. I use this chair every day as my working chair. I prefer this one to any ordinary high-tech office chairs. I also believe it looks much better in my home environment.


Unfortunately, the sitting height is a little bit too low for an office chair. Therefore, I would like to present my solution to this problem. My idea is to runners to add metal pipe legs to the original chair. Apart from obtaining a perfect height, different ways of sitting will be possible - to sit in different angles helps to reduce monotonous pressure on your body.


I believe this new working/rocking chair would be a nice alternative office chair, possible to use in offices as well as private homes, cafés, restaurants, public libraries etc.


The rocking parts are packaged in a small box, easy to buy and attach to the original ”seven chair” without any tools. 


a self-produced product.


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contact: hiro(at)

©Hironori Tsukue

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