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title. above the firmament

date. 2015

size. w240 d240 h240 cm

place. visby, gotland, sweden


The camera obscura effect creates a Japanese tea-house by Hironori Tsukue. Tea ceremony's objective is to put away all worldly concerns and enter into a stillness place.

Through a hole that has the optical lens in the wall projected world up and down in the room and from a small hole in the ceiling reflected the sky on the floor and the walls. 

In the room, you realize that you are above the sky and you can forget everything. Depends on the weather, seasons, and time, sometimes birds flew over above the house, a contrail appear, a rainbow.    The visitor's meats the different moment as a Japanese proverb “Ichigo Ichie” 「一期一会」, -Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.-  The firmament never appears in the patterns of the same clouds.


10 years ago, Tsukue saw a visual of running clouds on his bed linen through the window blind’s pin hall. He came up with the idea of joining with a tea house and a camera obscura through his carrier, designer and photographer. 


During Gotland Art Week, from 16th to 24th of August 2015.  Tsukue invited and built a 2400mm cube hut at Leva Kungslåda in the south of Visby.

contact: hiro(at)

©Hironori Tsukue

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